I’ve been a photographer and a nature lover most of my life. However, I really didn’t develop a passion for nature photography until my wife Louisa and I moved to Tucson, Arizona in the summer of 2011. It was then that I realized that there existed this wonderful world of opportunities at our doorstep. Tucson and its environs are extraordinary places to learn about nature and to observe life in all of its forms and I want to spend the rest of my life taking advantage of that. My daily routine includes long walks in the desert or in other nearby venues and I carry a camera with me wherever I go.

My photographic goals are simple. To me, all life in its myriad forms is beautiful and I want to capture that beauty to the extent I can. I consider myself to be an eclectic photographer. I do not concentrate on any particular life form. If it’s available and I can photograph it, I will.

I use Canon equipment. My primary camera is a 5D Mark iii, and I occasionally shoot with a 7D. My “go to” wildlife lens is a 400DO, but I also often use the 100-400 f4-5.6L. For insects I use the 70-200 f4 sometimes with, and sometimes without, the 1.4x Canon telextender, and the 100 f2.8 non-IS macro. I work up all of my photos from the original RAW files in Photoshop Elements. I try not to overprocess my images. My amendments and corrections are usually limited to cropping, adjusting the light levels, lightening shadows and darkening highlights, brightening, and enhancing or decreasing contrast as may be needed. I sharpen some of my images minimally and reduce noise from time to time. I occasionally make minor alterations in white balance to account for the blueness of deep shade or the yellow cast of low-angle sunlight. I will remove wires and other intrusive objects from my photos, particularly if they are man made.


3 responses to “About”

  1. Noel Johnson says :

    Hi Steve,
    Llove your blog. Not only are you an incredible photographer and naturalist but also an inspiration. You raised the bar of photography by sharing your knowledge. No longer can I just take a “pretty” picture. I stop to think before I press the shutter: what is it that I am trying to share with my viewer and why? In a recent trip to Florida, I took a picture I wanted to share with you, just to say thank you — but can’t figure out a way to attach it.

  2. exploringcolour says :

    Hi Steve! I follow and enjoy your blog very much. I’ve just started a new series of invited guest posts on the subject of Beauty. If you’d like to contribute a post please let me know. You can find out more at https://exploringcolour.wordpress.com/2017/09/22/where-and-what-is-beauty/

  3. Angeline Fahey, Education Coordinator at Tucson Wildlife Center says :

    Hi Steve,
    Tucson Wildlife Center is enthralled by those photos you took of the Swainson Hawk release the other day. We were wondering if we could have your permission to share and use these photos for educational purposes. I look forward to hearing back! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos.

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