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In a recent post I mentioned that I am passionate about photographing ducks during our winter months. I am very fortunate in that several species of ducks show up in the Tucson area during the winter, either as winter residents or passing through during their migration.

Redheads are winter residents, showing up in some of Tucson’s public parks and on other man-made bodies of water. They are compactly built, extremely handsome diving ducks. Their name is descriptive, unlike the case with Ring-necked Ducks whose images I posted recently. Male Redheads have brick red heads.

I photographed the individuals in today’s post a few days ago at Tucson’s Agua Caliente Park. The morning lighting at this park makes for absolutely beautiful images. It’s well worth the 30-minute drive from our Tucson home.

Images made with a Canon R5, Canon EF 400mm f4 DO II lens+Canon EF 1.4x telextender, M setting (auto ISO), first image, ISO 2000, second image, ISO 1250. Both images, f5.6 @ 1/2000, +1/3 stop exposure compensation.

3 Replies to “Redheads”

  1. cintwigg says:

    Yes, the light is transcendent.

  2. rebelbreeze says:

    Heads look more rich brown than red on my PC but agree with you, beautiful ducks

  3. Beautiful images & Beautiful Ducks! Enjoyed seeing your Redhead Duck images!

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