Vermilion Flycatcher — A Bit Of Color

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The other day I was attempting to photograph a family of Harris’s Hawks that reside close to our Tucson home.  I was observing one member of the family when I caught a bright splash of color out of the corner of my eye.  I looked and saw a Vermilion Flycatcher perched on a fencepost, seemingly studying me.  I made a few photographs of the bird.  

After a few seconds the flycatcher hopped off its fencepost and perched on a branch from a nearby mesquite tree, closer to me than the original perch.  It continued to cooperate, sitting patiently for its portrait.

Vermilion Flycatchers are among my favorite subjects.  What’s not to like about a bird that is relatively unafraid of humans and is so brilliantly colored?

My general rule whenever I see one of these birds is to photograph it!  I’ll never pass up an opportunity to capture one of these flycatchers’ brilliant plumage and his ebullient personality.

Images made with a Canon 5Div, 400mm f4 DO II lens+1.4x telextender, M setting (auto ISO).  First and third images, ISO 6400, f9 @ 1/2000.  Second image, ISO 400, f6.3 @ 1/2000.

One Reply to “Vermilion Flycatcher — A Bit Of Color”

  1. What a stunning bird

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