Year End Countdown # 2 — Snake River And Tetons

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I made this image early one morning at the beginning of October.  It depicts the Snake River as it winds away from the Tetons in the rear.  This scene is at the northern end of Grand Teton National Park, along the main park road.


It had been raining and snowing shortly before Louisa and I arrived on location and there were thick clouds and fog competing with patches of blue sky.  Everything was gloomy and overcast moments before I took this picture.  But, the sun broke through, if only briefly, and the resulting effect was amazing.  In the background of the photo you see the Tetons, with Mt. Moran, the second highest of the Tetons, on the right.  Look to the left of the background and you’ll see the summit of the Grand Teton, blanketed in snow and partly wrapped in thick clouds.

There were a lot of other photographers there that morning, dozens of them, all attempting to capture this scene.  All of them were standing shoulder to shoulder on a hilltop behind me and from that elevation they were able to capture more of the mountains than I was able to.  But, I was intrigued as much or more by the foreground than by the mountains in the background.  I loved the way the river was framed by the aspens and smaller shrubs in their fall colors.  I also was very interested in capturing the reflections of the trees and clouds on the river’s nearly still water.  I walked a few dozen yards away from the other photographers, walking right to the river’s bank,  so that I could emphasize the river and surrounding vegetation in my picture.  I lost elevation by walking to the river, which meant that the mountains became less prominent in my photograph.  But, at the same time, the water and the trees assumed much greater importance in the scene.  This is my personal conception of what I saw that morning and I’d like to think that it differs considerably from what others were capturing.  I have other images taken from their position and I think that they’re less interesting.

Image made with a Canon 5DS-R, 16-35mm f4L IS zoom lens at 35mm with polarizing filter, M setting, ISO 160, f11 @ 1/60.

One response to “Year End Countdown # 2 — Snake River And Tetons”

  1. tkiiatmindspringcom says :

    Gorgeous clouds and river!

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