The Continuing Saga Of The Bobcats

I have acquired a large number of photos of Bobcats over the past few weeks.  I suppose I lead a charmed existence, but I keep running into these magnificent animals and my plethora of photos now threatens to become a glut.  I added greatly to my collection this morning.  That caused me to realize that I’d better start posting some images.

I was out walking on my usual wetlands pathways a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a Bobcat sitting just behind the reeds at water’s edge.  The reeds separate the ponds from the pathways and in places they are quite thick, with the boundary formed by the reeds being a meter or more in depth.  I noticed that the Bobcat was frozen in place, not moving a muscle, and staring hard at the reeds.  I had no idea what she was focused on, but obviously, it was something.

_N4B5820 copy

It was at that moment that I noticed a second Bobcat, somewhat smaller than the first, sitting a few feet away.  Its attention was riveted on the first cat.

_N4B5846 copy

Suddenly, the first cat leaped into the reeds, disappearing entirely from view.  There was a moment’s thrashing about, with the dense reeds shaking violently.  Then, the first cat emerged, clutching a still-struggling coot in her mouth.  Instantly, the second Bobcat raced up to the first, and grabbed the coot from the first cat.

_N4B5855 copy

The second cat ran under some trees clutching its prize and immediately devoured the coot.

What was going on?  The first cat was the second cat’s mother.  I had just observed a moment of child care, albeit a brutal one.  The mother cat settled down a few yards away from her offspring and watched indulgently as the kitten fed.  Later, I photographed the kitten, lying on the ground only a few feet from me, as it contentedly digested its meal.

_N4B6191 copy

My more recent photos — which I will post in a few days — appear to be of the same kitten, now apparently on its own.  At some point in the last couple of weeks this kitten either has separated from its mother and is now living independently, or has started to live semi-independently with the mother fading further and further into the background.

Images made with a Canon 5Diii, 400 DO, aperture preferred setting, ISOs and exposures varied.






One response to “The Continuing Saga Of The Bobcats”

  1. Tom Munson says :

    You’re the man, Steve. Great find and images.

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