A Little Comic Relief

Every once in a while I come across something in nature that strikes me as being pretty funny. So it was with this Green Heron that I photographed a few weeks ago. It was hanging out alongside a creek, obviously foraging, when suddenly, it lifted its head and opened its mouth. I have no idea what it was doing, but its expression was so frankly goofy that I had to surpress a laugh as I photographed it.

_N4B5739 copy

Moments later it got even funnier, as the bird stuck out its tongue.

_N4B5734 copy

I remain baffled as to what this bird was thinking.  After a few moments of clowning around, it bent over and resumed its busy foraging.  So, it obviously knew what it was doing even if I don’t.

Images made with a Canon 5Diii, 400 DO, aperture preferred setting, ISO 1600, f6.3 @ 1/500.

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