Not Something One Sees Often

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Tonight’s subject is not a rare bird but it is a rarely seen bird.  The last time I saw one of these birds was about three years ago.

This is a Rock Wren.

_N4B4846 copy

These birds are smaller cousins to Cactus Wrens and one can find them in the same habitat that Cactus Wrens occupy, upland desert.  However, Cactus Wrens are inhabitants of the lower branches of trees, shrubs, and open ground whereas Rock Wrens love to hang out in thick brush and underneath vegetation.  Often, as one walks in the desert one can hear scuffling and rustling around in the underbrush.  There’s a good chance that it is a Rock Wren.  But, these little birds only rarely come out in the open and that’s what makes them so difficult to find and observe.

When they do come out, they often fleetingly perch on rocks.  Hence their name.  They are seldom motionless. Typically, one of these birds will bob up and down almost as if it is doing knee bends or squats.  That’s what this one was doing when I photographed it.

These are highly attractive little birds.  They are somewhat smaller than Cactus Wrens and their colors are much more muted.  But, they have a typical “wren” shape that makes them easy to identify.

Image made with a Canon 5Diii, 400 DO, aperture preferred setting, ISO 400, f7.1 @ 1/1600.

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  1. tkiiatmindspringcom says :

    Good catch!

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