Verdins’ Breakfast

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We’re back after a long weekend out of town.  We had a great time but it’s good to be home in our beloved desert.

A couple of weeks ago I featured some images of a Verdin that I had photographed in our back yard.  Here are two more members of this species.  I photographed them recently, although on different days, at Sweetwater Wetlands.  I don’t mind repeating subjects if I like the images and I do like these.

Verdins are among the most frequently seen, and among the most successful, songbirds in the Tucson area.  They seem to be everywhere: in peoples’ yards; out in the desert; in public parks; and in the landscaped medians of shopping mall parking lots.  They are a species that is unique to the southwestern United States and their preferred habitat is the desert.  However, they are also highly opportunistic feeders and they’re not above straying a few hundred meters from their preferred habitat in order to take advantage of an easy source of food.  That said, they invariably build their nests on low trees out in the desert and thus, the desert is necessary to their survival as a species.

These two birds were taking advantage of the abundant food supply at the wetlands.  I found them stripping the seeds from cattails and gobbling them down.

_N4B2254 copy

I find these tiny birds to be altogether beautiful.  They are not especially fearful around humans and it is sometimes possible to approach one quite closely.

_N4B2413 copy

Unlike many species Verdins come in unisex plumage.  Males and females look exactly alike, so I don’t know what sex(es) these two birds are.

Images made with a Canon 5Diii, 400DO, aperture preferred setting.  Both images shot at ISO 640, f5 @ 1/2000.

2 responses to “Verdins’ Breakfast”

  1. tkiiatmindspringcom says :

    Love the last one with the Verdin feeding on the cattail.

  2. Paule Hjertaas says :

    I have been trying to get that since last year, unsuccessfully.

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