Backyard Bobcats, Part II

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The other day when I posted some Bobcat kitten photos I promised to post some more.  Well, here they are.  It is a bit of wretched excess, I suppose, to post so many photos of one subject, but honestly, in more than four years of almost daily wildlife photography, I’ve only come across Bobcat kittens on a handful of occasions.

_38A6855 copy

_38A6857 copy

My experience in photographing Bobcats is that many of them are wary of people but don’t show a tremendous amount of fear in the presence of humans.  Rather, they keep their distance from us with a certain amount of dignity.  Perhaps it is an innate confidence that comes from being a top predator.  I’m unaware of any creatures preying on adult Bobcats in the wild.

We sometimes forget just how tough these cats can be.  On a couple of occasions while out walking I’ve encountered an adult male Bobcat.  An adult male is huge when compared with a kitten like the one depicted here.  An adult male Bobcat weighing 30 pounds or so is capable of catching and killing a small deer that is several times its weight.  There are numerous images on the internet of Bobcat-deer encounters.

_38A6866 copy

_38A6869 copy

These animals definitely deserve our respect.  As cute as Bobcat kittens may be — and they are very cute, no doubt — they will one day sit at the very top of the food chain.  The kittens I observed the other day were quite large and I think that they may both be males.  Some day, before too long, they will be calling the tune in their world.

Images made with a Canon 5Diii, 70-200 f4L IS zoom lens, ISO 1000, aperture preferred setting, f5.6, shutter speeds varied.



2 responses to “Backyard Bobcats, Part II”

  1. Paule Hjertaas says :

    Steve, I am drooling with envy!

  2. Liesl Kii says :

    These kittens look as if they posed in a studio. What is the background? The wall of your house?

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