Desert Dancer

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I’m publishing tonight’s image because I really like it but also because I wanted to give you readers a little relief from an unrelenting diet of poisonous and venomous creatures.  We are now well into our summer monsoon season and I go with the flow.  What’s active now are lots of species that sting, bit, or that make you sick if you put them in your mouth and so, that’s what I’m photographing.  However, I’m sensitive to the need, from time to time to provide images of things that are simply pretty.  We’ll get back to the nasty stuff tomorrow, I promise.

This is an Amethyst Dancer, a species of damselfly that I photographed in Sabino Canyon a few days ago.

_92A0178 copy

Their are myriad species of damselflies, but this one is the only lavender colored species that I’m aware of.  I particularly like its eyes, they are a tasteful match for the rest of the insect.  Most damselflies like to hang out in very humid precincts.  Typically I find them at water’s edge.  But, the Amethyst Dancer seems to have a propensity for hotter and drier locales.  The ones that I’ve seen, including this one, seem to enjoy being out in the hottest parts of the desert, if still relatively close to water.  I found this one about 50 yards from the dry at the moment Sabino Creek, sunning itself in brilliant daylight on a rock.  Not what I’d expect from most damselflies.

Image made with a Canon 5DS-R assisted by Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, f3.5L 180 mm Macro Lens, M setting ISO 125, f10 @ 1/160.

Just as a note to those of you with technical interests.  I have fallen in love with my new camera.  Its sensor is the most powerful sensor on the market in a non-medium format camera and it’s enabling me to capture images in far more detail than I’ve ever been able to manage.  I don’t know whether you can see the differences in these images but I sure can.

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