Ms. Mallard, In Repose

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I was walking around Sabino Canyon about a week ago on a cool but brilliantly sunny afternoon, when I saw this female Mallard at rest on one of the canyon’s bridges.  Her mate was in the water beneath the bridge, swimming around and quacking softly, as the female sat on the bridge, totally at ease.  I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures.

_38A1637 copy

She seemed to be totally unconcerned by the fact that I was sitting on the pavement, just about five feet away from her, snapping pictures.  She appeared to be the portrait of contentment and I marveled at how relaxed she was in my presence.

I moved a couple feet closer and made this portrait.

_38A1640 copy


I was enjoying sharing the sunshine with my new friend, when unfortunately, the mood was broken.  A family with two small children walked on to the bridge and, when the kids saw the duck, they screamed in delight and ran directly to her.  That prompted her and her mate to fly away.

Sabino Canyon is a wonderful place for observing wildlife but, sometimes, it has the ambience of a public park.  Which, in a sense, it very much is.  So, I cannot be too upset, each of us enjoys nature in his or her own way.

Photos taken with a Canon 5D iii, 180 f3.5L Macro lens, available light, ISO 200, aperture preferred setting, f8 @ 1/640.

2 responses to “Ms. Mallard, In Repose”

  1. Tom Munson says :

    Nice work, Steve. That 180 is one sharp lens.


  2. Liesl Kii says :

    Beautiful portrait!

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