Scene Stealer

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I’d planned to devote tonight’s post to Wild Hyacinth, a/k/a Covena, a/k/a Bluedicks.  It is a pretty fascinating plant.  It grows from bulbs and it flowers only in years when conditions are right.  Like all Sonoran Desert native plants this one is superbly adapted for our extremely harsh and dry climate.  The bulbs can survive underground and lie dormant for years on end without producing anything.  But, give the plant enough rain and the right temperatures and it flowers spectacularly, producing long, nearly leafless stalks topped with deep purple flowers that sway gently in the wind.  The bulbs are edible and Native Americans used to dig them up and eat them.  It seems to be a bit of a shame given how beautiful are the flowers.

_38A1405 copy

As I said, this would have been tonight’s sole subject.  But then, as I was photographing the plant, along came a bee and stole the scene.

_38A1426 copy

So, tonight’s blog is not only about Wild Hyacinth, but one very photogenic Honeybee.

Images taken with a Canon 5Diii.  The first photo was taken with a 16-35 f4 IS L wide angle zoom lens @ 35 mm, ISO 320, aperture preferred setting, f6.3 @ 1/250.  The second was taken with a 180 f3.5 L Macro Lens assisted by Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, ISO 125, “M” setting, f14 @ 1/160.

One response to “Scene Stealer”

  1. Liesl Kii says :

    The Wild Hyacinth with the Honeybee is a classic!

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