Daffy, Is That You?

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I’m a great fan of the old Warner Brothers cartoons, the ones made in the 1930s and 1940s, and my favorite character — by far — from that era is Daffy Duck.  All of the characters in those cartoons were a bit odd in one way or another but, Daffy, well, he was clearly insane.  And, that’s what made the character so endearing.

I think of Daffy whenever I see male Ring-necked Ducks.

_N4B1889 copy

These extremely attractive little diving ducks seem, to me, to have a lot more personality than most duck species. Perhaps, it’s my imagination, but I perceive a certain glint to their eye that suggests that they might not be operating on quite the same level as the rest of us.

_N4B1891 copy


Well, even if they’re not Daffy incarnate they’re certainly fun to watch.  They are energetic divers, capable of staying submerged for long periods and rising to the surface dozens of yards from the point where they submerge.  Trying to predict exactly where one of these ducks will pop up can be frustrating.  When they’re feeding they tend to dive repeatedly and one has only a few seconds to grab a photograph when one surfaces.

Photos taken with a Canon 5Diii, 400DO+1.4X Extender, ISO 500, aperture preferred setting.  The first photo was taken at f8 @ 1/640, the second at f8 @ 1/1250.

One response to “Daffy, Is That You?”

  1. Liesl Kii says :

    You’re right about that special gleam in their eye!

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