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Those of you who’ve followed this blog from its inception know that from time to time I have had encounters with Bobcats when I walk around Sweetwater Wetlands. Last year, on several occasions, I had the great pleasure of seeing a mother Bobcat and her two kittens.  In the spring of 2014 I encountered each of the kittens on separate occasions.  Months transpired without me seeing them.  The wetlands are loaded with Bobcat tracks, so it was obvious that Bobcats were still visiting regularly.  But, my bad luck was not seeing them.

My luck changed last week.  I’d barely stepped out of my car when I saw a young-looking Bobcat patrolling the margin of one of the wetlands’ ponds.

_N4B9883 copy

This was a robust-looking animal, not large as Bobcats go, but definitely in good health.  In appearance it definitely resembled one of the kittens that I’d seen previously, but it had filled out considerably.  It was beginning to look like an adult animal, with the muscular shoulders and hindquarters of a mature cat.

I followed it as it sauntered along the edge of the reeds.  From time to time it would turn to look at me, but it appeared to be totally untroubled by the fact that I was tailing it.

_N4B9877 copy

At times I approached within 10 feet of the Bobcat.  It never betrayed the slightest nervousness or irritation at my close proximity.  Obviously, this animal has become quite used to the presence of humans, so much so that it has lost its natural reticence to be in the company of people.

In my opinion, that’s not a good thing.  People and Bobcats should keep their distance from each other.  My concern with this animal is that some heedless parent will encourage his or her child to pet the nice kitty and, then, all hell will break loose, resulting inevitably in a dead Bobcat.  I’m hoping this doesn’t happen.  Meanwhile, however, it is one beautiful animal.

_N4B9905 copy


Photos taken with a Canon 5Diii, 400 DO, ISO 640, aperture preferred setting, exposures varied.

2 responses to “Reunion”

  1. Liesl Kii says :

    The Bobcat really looks friendly and tame. I do hope some crazy parent won’t encourage his or her child to play with it.

  2. Sue says :

    A beautiful animal indeed!

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