Year End Countdown # 7 — Big Breakfast

_38A6685 copy

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I never dreamed that this photo would turn out this way, but I’m glad it did.  During the summer of 2014 I began using a flash attachment (speedlite) as an assist for my closeup photography.  It made it possible for me to take pictures in dim light.  It also served the function of “freezing” motion inasmuch as the flash’s duration is much shorter than the camera’s shutter speed in low light, thus enabling me to take far sharper photos than I would otherwise be able to take.  It was a learning process however, very hit or miss at first.  I got better as time went on.

I was walking along Sabino Creek early one summer morning, before the sun had cleared the horizon.  Everything was in deep shade and visibility was extremely limited.  I saw some motion on a log.  It was a tiny Ornate Tree Lizard.  I decided to photograph it, if only to show how well this reptile was able to camouflage itself.  I took a couple of photos and walked on.

It was only when I got home that I realized what I’d photographed.  The lizard had captured a large insect, nearly as big as itself, and was preparing to dine when I photographed it.  To my delight the photo captured every detail of the lizard and the insect, right down to the lizard’s minuscule teeth.  This photo ranks as my best lizard photograph of the past few years.  I wish I could claim credit for the composition, but, as I’ve said, I had no idea what I was photographing when I took the picture.  As I often say, it’s usually better to be lucky than good.

Photo taken with Canon 5Diii, 180 f3.5L Macro lens, assisted by Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, ISO 200, “M” setting, f18 @ 1/160.

2 responses to “Year End Countdown # 7 — Big Breakfast”

  1. Sue says :

    I don’t remember this one-how did I miss it?? Wow!

  2. Liesl Kii says :

    Yes, we remember this photo and think it’s one of your best. It’s amazing that you were able to capture the lizard in the process of eating its kill.

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