Wishin’ And Hopin’

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The title to tonight’s post is identical to a mid-60s pop hit by Dusty Springfield.  Google the song and you can watch/listen to her sing it in a You Tube clip.  Read on and you’ll know why I picked tonight’s title.

Yesterday, at Sweetwater Wetlands, I encountered this little Song Sparrow wading in the shallow waters of the wetlands’ man-made creek.

_N4B6650 copy

The creek is popular with songbirds such as this sparrow.  Evidently, there’s a lot of organic material in the water, plant life, invertebrates, even tiny fish, that the birds can eat.

Song Sparrows are year-round residents at the wetlands.  They can be identified by the brown patch at the base of their throats.  As their name implies, they sing, beautifully.  Generally speaking, they are fairly timid little birds and relatively difficult to photograph.  It’s not often that I see one out in the open as with this bird. Normally, their instinct is to hide in deep vegetation when approached.

_N4B6653 copy

I watched this sparrow foraging in the water and occasionally seizing small but unidentifiable objects and swallowing them.

Suddenly, the bird looked up and froze in place for a second.  I captured it with this image.

_N4B6660 copy copy

The question was: why?  What caused the sparrow to break its concentration momentarily and look up from the water where it was foraging?  Look closely at this photo.  Do you see the Crane Fly hovering an inch or two above the sparrow’s head?  Sparrows are omnivores and will happily feast on insects when they are available as prey.  I caught this bird in a moment of wishing and hoping that the fly would come just slightly closer.

Photos taken with Canon 5Diii, 400 DO, ISO 800, “M” setting, f6.3 @ 1/640.

One response to “Wishin’ And Hopin’”

  1. Liesl Kii says :

    The last image with the crane fly is superb!

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